A. Flynn

I started seeing Shannon several years ago with the goal of increasing my overall strength, flexibility, and balance, all of which I was steadily losing as I got older. Since working with Shannon, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, and I no longer experience the recurring problems I had with my back, right knee and left wrist. But the single best thing Shannon has done for me is clear up a painful case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. The orthopedist prescribed PT for the effected foot; however, it was not until Shannon, knowing my injury history, started working on my left foot (which I had broken twice before in my life) that the problem went away. She is the best.

Clarence Turner

For many of my eighty-one years I was somewhat of a gym rat. That activity combined with street running, back packing, skiing, biking, swimming, golfing and a reasonable diet with limited alcohol and no smoking, enabled me to maintain excellent health.  But when I reached my seventieth decade I required more. Keeping in shape became more af a struggle. In fact it was more like a challenge. Lucky for me I did not despair for into my life walked Shannon Myers. Shannon is a Movement Practitioner, beyond reproach. She has a passion for her work, fortified with a superior academic background and understanding of the aspirations of her clients and the limits of their endurance. Thank you Shannon for helping me navigate the highway of my eightieth decade.

Clarence J. Turner

R. Kelly

Many thanks for all of the great “balance body work” you have done with me.  Initially I sought your help, because, I was having real shoulder pain, to the point that I thought I may have torn or hurt something; and I didn’t want to go under the knife.  I therefore thought it was strange that you said my left shoulder was hurting because my right foot and leg were not moving correctly.  Since I trust you I felt no harm in embarking on a regime of very specific stretching and “mobility work”.  You explained to me that because I had broken my right leg twice and turned my ankle a few times in my past, that it had an impact on how the muscles pulled across my whole body.

In a nutshell, I came to understand that my right leg mechanics have changed due to injuries, etc. and has significantly influenced my right hip and the reaction and function of my left shoulder.  Coupled with all of the pull-ups and push ups I was doing in my P90x work outs, it had caused my shoulder to really hurt to a point where I had stop my workout.

• My initial goal was to get out of pain, which happened fairly quickly

• What I anticipated was actually not that much, maybe a little additional movement.  I’ll try a lot of things.

• What I have experienced has been a lot more hip, spine, arm and leg movement, flexibility and my personal holy grail of a lot more “functional fitness”.  In addition, I’ve been able to add back my p90x3 workout into my training regime.

• Most importantly, I have experienced a dramatic increase in my enjoyment of my favorite sport which is Surfing.  I short board and have really enjoyed being able to paddle with out pain, go for more, more often and attempt more radical maneuvers.  It nice to have my little girls cheering their dad as he rips one off the top or try’s for some mad air.  

Many thanks.

R. Kelley

B. Bentrott

This letter should be entitled “How I Tore My Hamstring and Learned to Love Working Out.” The quick background. In August 2011, I made the mistake of trying to do the splits at a wedding and violently tore my left hamstring. Through a combination of travel and procrastination, I never rehabbed the injury properly. The result was a big ball of scar tissue and the inability to enjoy a recreational run around my neighborhood.

I first began working with Shannon on January 21, 2013. What I quickly realized is that she possesses a wealth of knowledge about muscles, movement, and the human body. She took the time to study my walking/running mechanics and stretched me in ways I never dreamed of.

Throughout 2013, I gained strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. I still have a some work to do to regain my long distance running goals ahead, but I am in great overall shape as a result of my workouts with Shannon.

What makes her effective?

1 She understands body movement and devises workouts which build up specific muscle groups;

2 She emphasizes flexibility;

3 Every workout is individually paced and different;

4 She “goes slow” after time off;

5 She works hard to make sure I do my exercises with the right form and with the right weight or tension.

6 She loves her profession and wants her clients to succeed.

With Shannon’s guidance and support, I have become stronger and more flexible. I look forward to virtually every workout rather than having to motivate myself to go to the gym. I feel fortunate to have met Shannon, and I appreciate her professionalism and spirit.


B. Bentrott

M. Flynn

I have an torn ACL in my left knee which was never repaired. It’s become arthritic and I had concluded that it was only a matter of time before I’d need an artificial left knee to cure the regular discomfort and instability. When I started working with Shannon, I told her about this and she told me that we would strengthen the knee and surrounding muscles and I wouldn’t need to have knee surgery.  She was right.  Within a few months, the arthritic pain was gone and the knee is now stable.  In addition, although I am not a great golfer, within 6 months of regular workouts with Shannon my improved flexibility and strength has resulted in significantly longer yardage in my golf swing.  In fact,  I had to recalibrate the irons because I began to get from 10 to 15% greater distance on my shots. The results are tangible.

J. Mottern

"Shannon’s SI (Soft tissue therapy program) was by far the best thing I have ever done for the well being of my body. After every session I felt like a new person! By the end of the ten sessions, it felt like my body had been realigned from my head to my toes! I can’t recommend it enough and plan to go back once a year for a tune-up session!”


J. Lewis

I have been fortunate enough to call Shannon my friend and colleague for the last 13 years. In that time I have been able to watch one of if not the best minds in the fitness world. Her knowledge about the human body is second to none.
    About a year ago I was talking with Shannon about Structural Integration. She was explaining to me all the benefits and exactly what it is. Listening to her I knew I had to do the 10 session series with her. What I experienced with her was amazing.
    I am 36 years old and most of those years I have spent surfing, playing football , and various other sports. You can say my body has had its share of injuries. I don't have much pain but shannon and I noticed that I was very lopsided. I had a shoulder about a half  
inch higher than the other. My whole body seemed to be tilted.
    After the first session I remember having instant success. I went surfing after that session and my shoulders felt so free. My extension was so much longer than it had been. I still remember calling Shannon that afternoon and raving about my knew body.
     We continued the sessions over the next year. We were doing 1 session a month . The progress I was seeing was extremely noticeable. Every session Shannons work was amazing. I did not want it to end . Eventually I finished the 10 session program and I felt great!!!
   Shannon and I looked over the progress I made and we were both very happy! My surfing and overall fitness has improved so much. My head to my feet are so much more opened up. I think I even grew an inch!!!
    Thank you Shannon!