Mobility, Movement, Performance

The body achieves what the mind believes ~ Jim Evans

We create an environment to assist you in expanding and maximizing your body’s potential to move. We leverage the three-dimensionality of the body’s design and teach you how to become more adaptable, durable, strong and powerful in your movement. It’s not just about the muscles you see, but maybe more about the muscles you don’t see. It’s about performing at your highest level. It’s about developing mental fortitude and physical resilence, for life and for athletic performance. 

We anchor to the unifying principals of Applied Functional Science which is the foundation for the strategies we use with each individual. Everyone’s function is unique based on who you are, your history and what you want to do. Our system will have you feeling and moving better in your body for any type of movement, on any level.


Joint & Soft Tissue Health

The fascial SYSTEM builds a three-dimensional CONTINUUM of soft, collagen-containing, loose and dense fibrous connective tissue that permeates the body and enables ALL body systems to operate in an integrated manner. 

Lenny Parracino, 

Functional Soft Tissue Transformation

Structural Integration


Structural Integration (a.k.a. ”The ten series”) is a system of ten sessions of bodywork used to align and balance the physical body within it’s gravitational field. It is a process of freeing and reorganizing the FASCIA, the connective tissue matrix. It surrounds and supports every muscles, bone and organ in your body and connects them in continuous web-like layers. 

Soft Tissue Remodeling


Is your shoulder, hip, back, elbow, calf, etc. bothering you? Do you have plantarfascitis, elbow tendonitis, shoulder or hip impingement, etc.? Soft tissue therapy is a local approach to remodel soft tissue structures in specific areas of the body. It’s followed by mobilizations and movement for neural reeducation. Movement homework is given for the same reason, to capture, stabilize and solidify the results of the manual work. You can also approach your specific needs globally by addressing head to toe and skin to bone with Structural Integration. 

Architecture of Human Living Fasica

Strolling under the skin by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau