About Us

Move with Us

We have a passion for human movement in any size, shape or form. We want to inspire and empower you through movement, to move better, feel better and perform better, at life and in athletic performance. 

We are human movement specialists. We specialize in chain reaction biomechanics, manual therapy and sports performance with over 25 years in athletic competition. 

Geof Myers, MS

• Kinesotherapy
• Fellow of Applied Functional Science

Fellow of Applied Functional Science

Kinesiotherapy degree

Sports Performance Analyst

Tennis Movement & Skilling Coach

Functional Golf Specialist 

Geof competed in hockey, soccer, baseball, football, basketball & volleyball starting at the age of 5 through his college career and he has been a recreational tennis player since childhood. Geof has been working with athletes and sports teams in various sports for over 25 years. 

Shannon Myers, MS

Fellow of Applied Functional Science

Kinesiology degree

Functional Soft Tissue Transformation Practitioner

Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner

FRC Mobility Specialist

Functional Golf Specialist

Shannon has completed the Gray Institutes Functional Soft Tissue Transformation curriculum twice starting in 2012 under world renowned manual therapist Lenny Parracino, soft tissue therapist for the LA Clippers. She has been working as an independent contractor at a private club for the past 16 years.