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The Athletic Movement Club with Brymer Lewis Tennis Academy Building Powerful Tennis Players

The Athletic Movement Club will successfully empower you to move better, feel and play better. We will expand your tennis capacity, eliminate pain and enhance your performance. Your individuality is our primary focus and our passion is to support you to mentally and physically be your best. We are human movement specialists and manual therapists with an approach based on the scientific principals of energy, movement and adaptation. We specialize in manual therapy, movement, rehabilitation and sports performance with over 20 years in athletic competition. We have extensive post graduation training with the some of the most renowned mentors in the areas of three-dimensional functional movement, anatomy, biomechanics, and soft tissue therapy. Our system will have you feeling and moving better in your body for every part of your game.

The AMC is the only professionals that I trust with my clients and my son.

Chuck Brymer

It’s an honor to prepare your mind & body to play at your highest level


If you’d like to find out what being in the best shape of your life can do for your game, call the AMC as soon as you can.

Chris Lewis

The Athletic Movement Club

Trains your individuality

Supports your mental production

Increases your physical capacity

Progressions based on your success

Creates durable & resilient players

On court conditioning for on court results

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